Soothing Technology Makes Refinity® Unique.

COSMEDERM-7 is an exclusive soothing technology that calms the skin and helps reduce stinging, burning, itching, or redness. COSMEDERM-7 acts to help prevent the irritation that can occur due to the high strength and acidity of some ingredients used to provide anti-aging skin benefits. COSMEDERM-7 calms the skin while the potent ingredients in Refinity penetrate and exfoliate to reveal healthy, beautiful-looking results.

A balanced, low-pH skin care line

To understand the effectiveness of a skin care product, it’s important to know the pH value. Typically, the most effective products have the lowest pH values.

The powerful combination of medical grade ingredients, with a low pH, and exclusive COSMEDERM®-7 soothing technology has established Refinity as the ultimate skin care product for delivering healthier-looking skin.

Refinity Rejuvenating Skin Care

Lactic acid, the key ingredient in Refinity Rejuvenating Cream, Lotion, and Hydrogel, has been shown in clinical trials to help improve skin texture and moisturization, while also reducing the appearance of the signs of aging. All Refinity Rejuvenating Skin Care products, including the Cleanser and Toner, contain exclusive COSMEDERM-7 soothing technology.

Lactic acid is an exfoliant that works to improve the skin's texture by moisturizing and removing dead surface cells. Lactic acid helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin irregularities and visibly evens out skin tone.

Visibly Less Irritation Than a Typical Glycolic Peel1

Stinging, burning, and itching were reduced by an average of 77%*

Peel 1
74% less
Peel 2
79% less
0       20     40     60     80     100     120     140    160       180       200

Cumulative Irritation Scores
*A double-blind, vehicle-controlled clinical study in which unbuffered 70% glycolic acid and unbuffered 70% glycolic acid with COSMEDERM-7 (REFINITY 70% glycolic peel) were applied to the faces of 9 women at 2-week intervals. Pilot study not powered for statistical significance.

Refinity Peels

Until Refinity, high-acidity peels have not been accessible to patients with sensitive skin because of their potential to cause inconvenient, uncomfortable side effects.

When traditional peels are applied to the skin, the acids (whether glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or other type) trigger the nerves to cause stinging, burning, itching, or redness. Even at low concentrations, often used before "stepping up" to stronger peels, you may still feel stinging and discomfort.

COSMEDERM-7 soothing technology helps reduce irritation naturally, allowing for an effective way to exfoliate and tap into the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Reference: 1. Data on file, Cosmederm Bioscience.