Undeniably Effective.
Exclusively Ours.

That's Refinity® Rejuvenating Skin Care.

Combining medical-grade ingredients with exclusive COSMEDERM®-7 soothing technology, Refinity Rejuvenating Skin Care is powerful enough to address problem skin issues, yet gentle enough for everyday use.

  • Potent ingredients penetrate and exfoliate
  • Soothing technology helps reduce stinging, burning, itching, or redness
  • Powerful results leave skin glowing, healthy, and hydrated
  • Designed to be suitable for all skin types
Rejuvenating Skin Care Professional Peels
Tess Mauricio, MD, FAAD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Graduate of Stanford University
School of Medicine
Refinity Brand Ambassador
"For years, I’ve been searching for a medical-grade lactic acid product that would provide powerful skin renewal. I’ve finally discovered Refinity® Rejuvenating Skin Care."

Everyday Use

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Professional Skin Care

Refinity® Peels

Refinity also offers potent 70% and 50% glycolic peels, exclusively available through licensed skin care professionals. If you’ve ever wanted the benefits of a medical-grade chemical peel but couldn't tolerate the irritation, Refinity peels with exclusive COSMEDERM-7 soothing technology offer you an option.

Note that, unlike Refinity Rejuvenating Skin Care (which is available for purchase by anyone online here), only medical spas and a physician’s practice are permitted to purchase and administer Refinity peels.

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Refinity 70% Peel Kit

With a pH of 0.6, the Refinity 70% glycolic acid peel provides comfort because of COSMEDERM-7, our exclusive soothing technology, which allows the peel to maintain maximum effectiveness with little irritation.

Each 70% kit contains Pre-Peel Conditioner, Refining Peel Formula, and Peel Neutralizer.

Refinity 50% Peel Kit

With a pH of 1.2, the Refinity 50% glycolic acid peel with COSMEDERM-7 soothing technology is available when a lower acid concentration is needed.

Each 50% kit contains Pre-Peel Conditioner, Refining Peel Formula, and Peel Neutralizer.

Post-Peel Moisturizer

Refinity Post-Peel Moisturizer should be used for 2 days following a Refinity peel to moisturize the skin. Designed without AHAs that could cause irritation and compatible for use under makeup.

Skin Care Professionals

If you are a skin care professional, learn more about adding Refinity to your practice.

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